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Client: TV3 Danmark
Production Company: Mastiff
DoP: Mads Nielsen
Date: Winther 2013
Camera: GH3

Paradise Hotel is an American Reality Television Program that aired on Danish television for the first time in 2005. In the show, a group of single people live in a luxurious hotel resort, competing to see who can stay in the hotel the longest. Periodically, someone is removed from the show, and others are brought in to replace them. Each week couples pair off and must share a hotel room together. One person is left over, and he or she has to leave. That person is then replaced the following episode. The format was created by Mentorn, a UK production company, which has produced various versions of the show around the world.

Rotor Film had 4 days of shooting in Mexico and the shots have been used extensively throughout all the episode of the 2014 season. Two of the shots can be seen in the trailer.

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